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Linux Application List

This is my list of ever changing applications that I use. In the open source world, some projects drift off and new projects appear and some just change their name while others fork. Here is what I recommend for a good openSUSE Linux experience.

Base Application List

This my recommended list of applications and modifications to the base install to maximize your experience with openSUSE. For legal reasons, openSUSE cannot install certain bits of software that users can elect to add. I highly recommend these upon a fresh installation..

Web Browsers

Here is my take on web browsers today. What browser I like for what purpose along with steps to install them.

Multimedia Applications

This is a quick guide to get all the things installed and configured that openSUSE is not allowed to automatically include due to some legal nonsense. This will allow you to play DVDs, watch movies encoded in MP4, M4V, AVI, etc.

Quick reference, mostly for me, to install the "communication" applications I use regularly


Applications that aren't necessarily fun but are really useful or tools to make tech life less tedious through automation or accessibility.


Since I have kids, this section is now becoming important. There are many well produced web-based educational programs out there but I find many to be lacking. This area is currently under development, there will more to come here later.


Engineering applications for those involved in any such activities.


I don't get a lot of time to play games, but when I do, I like to have them handy. There are only a few games that are not well publicized of which I get much enjoyment.